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Sr. Computer Programmer

Master’s deg. + 2 Yrs. Exp., M-F, 9am to 5pm

Develop code & display on custom built UI using Angular JS; Develop java engine & provide POI & other relevant information using Spring framework & RESTful Web API; Develop scripts to bulk load information into Oracle Coherence cache & implement Push Replication using Oracle 12C server; Create a testing framework for API endpoints using PostMan. Skills: Java 1.7, JQuery, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Weblogic 11g and 12C, Spring MVC framework, SoapUI, Eclipse IDE, Maven, Ant, Grunt, Bower, Sonar, Jenkins, Cobertura, Bash Scripting, Oracle Database, LESS HTML templates, Bootstrap, Oracle SQL Developer, Cesium, XML, JSON, SVN, Tortoise Client, Git Bash, Junit, Mockito, JSHint, JSLint, Linux.

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iSolvers, Inc, 50 South Belcher Rd, # 106, Clearwater, FL 33765.

Attn: High Priority

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